While a lot has been written about the princess born at Mayfair, 17 Bruton Street and later sat on one of the most popular thrones in the world, not much emphasis has been put in how her reign has come to envelope such a powerful epoch we currently live in.

There’s a term used by Nguni people in South Africa, Ok’salayo, loosely translated as “what remains”. It’s usually invoked in situations where words have been said and actions have been taken but the situation remains the same. It’s an unpleasant word to hear because it nullifies all attempts and betrays…

When the young Prince Cyprian Bhekuzulu ka Solomon approached thee then Prince Regent of the Zulu kingdom and who was also his uncle, the young prince (later to be king) reported that the regent threatened to shoot him right on the spot. The regent also warned Cyprian that the Zulu…

Welcome Sithembele Tawana

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